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This is the third version in my quest to fix some old Metacreations products. For people interested in the history, take a look at The first Painter Fix and the First Generic Metacreations Fix

This version solves an additional problem "Tiles: Out of Tiles" error and it will also work when Painter is installed on a 64 bit OS.
To find out why you were receiving the "Not enough memory" problem, take a look at the previous pages referenced earlier. The "Out of Tiles" problem was caused by a similar issue. For some reason Painter wanted to determine if there was still enough memory available on the system, so they asked Windows for the available memory. However, the return value from that call was improperly evaluated (way back when the program was written, the evaluation was properly good enough, but it dramatically fails with larger systems). Therefore I wrote another variant of the fix that not only fools the executable about the pagefile size but does the same for free memory, etc ... in such a way that the executable would never know in case more than 1 Gb of memory is available. The benefit is that you will be able to use all resources at your disposal, and the program will still work correctly.

I would like to know if the fix works for other programs then mentioned so far, so please leave a note below if you find another product not mentioned on this page.


You can download the zip file here.

If this works for you and you find it worthwhile, feel free to donate something for it using Paypal or your credit card. Just to give you an idea, most people donate between 5 and 10 USD, 4 and 8 Euro or 700 and 1400 Yen.

US Dollars


The installation method has changed compared to the previous fixes. If you have previously installed another fix, make sure to read "Upgrading" below after reading this section.


Step by Step Installation Instructions

I've had a lot of question for people who needed a more detailed step by step installation guide. I hope this section will be clear to everyone on how to get the fix installed.


Upgrading from a previous fix

If you already have an older fix installed then you will notice the model has changed from modifying the filename New_PClassic.exe and then launching that executable. The "fixit" method I'm introducing now actually modifies the target executable. Hopefully this makes it easier for people to use it. However, there is one downside and that is that this fix will have to be reapplied every time you install a patch for your favorite program (although it's very unlikely we will still see patches for those programs, except the patches I'm providing). Therefore, you can remove your "New_PClassic" program from the old patch after installing this patch. Also, it's completely useless to patch the New_PClassic.exe file or so ... just follow the instructions above and you should be fine!

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-- Geert De Peuter

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Are you able to outline a variation of this fix for Painter 7 installed inside Linux Mint 13 using Vineyard/Wine?
Bill Horne
Wells, BC Canada - 2015-07-27 03:56:37

This is a nice and informative, containing all information and also has a great impact on the new technology. Thanks for sharing it

2015-06-28 12:06:29

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