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I think metacreations has written more programs that are suffering from exactly the same "not enough memory" problem as described here

"Poser 4" and "Painter 5" and "Painter 6" have the same issue as Painter Classic.
Therefore I wrote a variant of the fix for Painter Classic that could fool any executable into thinking the system has 512Mb of memory (as long as the executable fetches that data through "GlobalMemoryStatus"

I would like to know if the fix works for other programs, so please leave a note below if you find another product not mentioned on this page.


Warning: A more recent fix has been made available ... check the main page under development projects

You can download the zip file here.

If this works for you and you find it worthwhile, feel free to donate something for it using Paypal or your credit card. Just to give you an idea, most people donate between 5 and 10 USD, 4 and 8 Euro or 700 and 1400 Yen.

US Dollars


Unzip the zip file in the installation directory of the program you wish to "fix".  The zip file contains two files "New_PClassic.exe" and "intercept.dll"

You will have to rename the executable "New_PClassic.exe" to make it work for the metacreations product you wish to fix.

The format of the exe filename is "<PREFIX>_<TARGET>.exe" where

For example: If the executable name is "Poser4.exe", you have to rename "New_PClassic.exe" to "New_Poser4.exe".

Now double click your "New_<....>.exe" and see if it works!

If it does work, please check if this fix has been reported to work below.  If you are the first to try it, please drop me an email (dev at depeuter "." org) and provide the details so I can complete the table below.

Reported Programs this will fix

These are the programs that this fix have been reported to work with.  The executable name is provided for your information to help you figure out what to rename the New_PClassic.exe in the zip file to.  For example, for Poser you have to rename New_PClassic.exe to New_Poser.exe (because the executable name of Poser is Poser.exe)


Program Progam
Rename Executable To
Painter Classic 1 New_PClassic.exe
Painter Classic 2 NO FIX IS NEEDED (?)
Painter 4 New_PNT4_32.exe
Painter 5, 5.5 New_Painter5.exe
Painter 6.1 New_Painter61.exe
Painter Classic 1 (Japanese) New_PClassicJ.exe
Poser 3, 4 New_Poser.exe


What about the binary patch

For the Painter Classic program, I went through the exercise of providing a binary patch, however, providing a generic binary patch will be very difficult, unless the patch is verified to work and fix the correct problem in every version of the program it is patching.

Anyway, I think the patch provided above will be a sufficient workaround for being able to run you programs  ... and that's what it's all about.

On the other hand, I have a feeling the binary patching of ASI32_12.dll will work just the same for all versions of Painter and Poser ... so for the brave, try to apply the binary patch as explained on the Painter Classic fix page.

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