Welcome to dev.depeuter.org

(a site to share some of my development pet projects)
(and give something back to the community)
by Geert De Peuter

  • MetaCreations Fix 3.0 This fix addresses following problems in legacy MetaCreation Programs:
    • "not enough memory" problem
    • "Tiles: Out of Tiles" problem
    This fix works for:
    • Painter Classic, Painter 4, Painter 5.x, Painter 6.x, Painter 3D
      including Japanese and German versions (and probably all internationalized versions)
    • Poser 3, Poser 4
    • ArtDabbler
    • AuthorWare
    • Fontographer
    • Bryce 3D
    • Infini-D (version 4.5 has been validated)
    • ... and maybe even more
    This fix will work on x86 and x64 bit computers (32 and 64 bit)
  • xptruss: a Windows API tracing and spying tool
  • Detecting changes in the Outlook Global Address List
  • Simple unit conversion
  • Times Tables Generator (tables between 1 and 10) AND Sums and Substractions up to 20
  • When clicking this link, a pdf will open in your browser containing randomly generated times tables or addition/substraction tables. Please give the server a few seconds to generate the pdf file. The document contains scoring pages and instructions on how to take tests.
  • Tekening van de seizoenen
  • Eergisteren - Gisteren - Vandaag - Morgen - Overmorgen
    Druk de pagina 2 maal af - van de eerste pagina knip je de binnenste cirkel uit. Op de 2de pagina de buitenste cirkel. Leg de binnenste cirkel op de buitenste cirkel en bevestig ze in het midden met een splitpen. Op die manier kunnen kinderen eenvoudig de volgorde van de dagen aflezen - zoals : als het eergisteren maandag was, dan is het overmorgen ... ?
    • 1.0 First inception of the fix: Corel Painter Classic Fix ("not enough memory" problem only for Painter Classic) Some people reported that this fix could also work for other Metacreations programs ... so there was room for improvement
    • 2.0 Second version of the fix: Generic MetaCreations Fix
      Although this fix works for a lot of Metacreations Products, some people (especially those with Painter 6.1) reported there was still another problem that needed to be looked at.